Amplifying Voices

A FACCC Podcast 

Episode 05: The 70th Anniversary of FACCC

FACCC was established in 1953 by educators from community colleges who identified the necessity of advocating for their fellow faculty members. As the organization commemorates its 70th anniversary, join host Ryan Tripp, former Executive Director Jonathan Lightman, and current Executive Director Evan Hawkins as they discuss the inception of FACCC. Moreover, Anna Mathews, the current FACCC Student Coordinator, makes a guest appearance on this episode; she will be transitioning to the role of Advocacy Manager this summer.



Current Legislative Priorities

  • Sponsoring
    • SB 467 (Portantino) would prohibit a community college from denying a student access to a career technical education program based on their use of an individual tax identification number in the background check for the associated internship or apprenticeship program.