Legislative Priorities


2024 FACCC Sponsored Legislation

  • AB 2707 (Fong) Community colleges: student housing: study. 
    This bill would require the Legislative Analyst’s Office to conduct a study evaluating the age demographics of housing-insecure community college students to identify the issues and unique barriers that community college students 25 years of age and older face in securing housing. The bill would require the Legislative Analyst’s Office to submit a report to the Legislature, on or before January 1, 2027, with the results of the study, including policy recommendations, as specified. 
  • AB 2370 (Cervantes) - Community colleges: faculty: artificial intelligence
    This bill would prohibit artificial intelligence from being used to replace community college faculty for purposes of providing academic instruction to, and regular interaction with, students in a course of instruction, and would authorize artificial intelligence to only be used as a peripheral tool to support faculty in carrying out those tasks for uses such as course development, assessment, and tutoring.