Amplifying Voices

A FACCC Podcast 

Episode 8, Part 2: LGBTQIA+ Activism Within the CCC System

Coordinator/Counselor Dean Steckman joins us in the company of 3 student leaders from various institutions to shed light on the remarkable contributions they have made to LGBTQIA+ activism in their local communities and wider California Community College system. Together, their goal is to bring attention to the fundamental needs, available resources, and comprehensive support required by many students within this community.

A huge thank you to our guests Dean Steckman, Sunny Ramirez, Elwin Agtang, and Ruby Dewar, and to the faculty members who helped coordinate this episode!

   Episode 8, Part 1: An LGBTQ+ Community Leader Within the CCC System

De Anza College faculty member, Alicia Mullens, opens up about her personal journey in navigating the LGBTQ+ community within the California Community College system. She not only shares her experiences but also highlights her transformative role as an advocate for others within the community.

Discover more about the ongoing efforts to create inclusive and affirming spaces for all members of the LGBTQ+ community in higher education. As Pride Month comes to a close, join us in celebrating the diversity that makes our campuses stronger.

You can check out the De Anza Pride Center here:


 Episode 7: Understanding Disabilities Within the California Community Colleges

Join host Ryan Tripp and special guest Dr. Wayne C. Downey as they discuss various ways to elevate the understanding of individuals with diverse challenges or limiting attributes within the higher education community. Dr. Downey's personal experience enhances an appreciation for these individuals while shedding light on how their distinct characteristics shape their identities and foster an environment of diversity and inclusivity within our higher education institutions.

Stay tuned for our upcoming eighth episode, which will center around Pride Month.

Episode 6: The Student Perspective with FACCC Student-Coordinators
Anna Mathews and Jenny Dang

In this latest episode of Amplifying Voices, we sit down with two FACCC student-coordinators who are currently working to further promote the organization's mission and raise the student voice.

Anna Mathews and Jenny Dang bring a fresh perspective as they share their higher education experience as students while simultaneously working with an organization that represents the interests of faculty members within the California Community College system.

 Episode 5: The 70th Anniversary of FACCC

FACCC was established in 1953 by educators from community colleges who identified the necessity of advocating for their fellow faculty members. As the organization commemorates its 70th anniversary, join host Ryan Tripp, former Executive Director Jonathan Lightman, and current Executive Director Evan Hawkins as they discuss the inception of FACCC. Moreover, Anna Mathews, the current FACCC Student Coordinator, makes a guest appearance on this episode; she will be transitioning to the role of Advocacy Manager this summer.

 Episode 4: 2022 Election Outcomes and Their Impacts on California Community Colleges

Hosts Ryan Tripp and FACCC Vice President, Oranit Limmaneeprasert chat with FACCC Membership Coordinator, Herlim Li and FACCC Executive Director, Evan Hawkins on the outcomes of the November 8 election and their various impacts on California Community Colleges.


 Episode 3: Kelsey Iino, FACCC-endorsed Candidate for the LACCD Board of Trustees 

The chair of the FACCC Communications Committee and the FACCC President chat with Dr. Kelsey Iino about her background, her plans for the LACCD Board, her perspectives on statewide educational policies, and her vision of California community colleges. In spring 2022, Kelsey served as an interim trustee after Mike Fong vacated Seat 7 of the LACCCD Board. Kelsey’s proposals and actions during this brief term of service garnered her the FACCC endorsement. 

November 8, 2022:
Congratulations Dr. Kelsey Iino on your appointment to the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees, Seat No. 7!


 Episode 2: "The Costs of Completion" with Educator and Author Robin G. Isserles

Join hosts Ryan Tripp and John Fox of the FACCC Communications Committee as they interview their guest, educator and author Robin G. Isserles. 

In her recently published book, The Costs of Completion: Student Success in Community College (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021), Robin contextualizes the completion crisis as an artifact of the neoliberal thinking and practices that have shaped higher public education over the past 30 years. 

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 Episode 1: FACCC's Past, Present, and Future

From the FACCC Communications Committee, hosts Ryan Tripp and Amy Leonard introduce Executive Director, Evan Hawkins and FACCC President, Wendy Brill-Wynkoop to discuss the past, present, and future changes to the organization.