2024 FACCCT Sheet

For more than 70 years, FACCC has taken an integrated approach to advocacy, combining expert analysis, grass roots activity, direct lobbying, and strategic campaign work, all in an effort to serve one constituency, California Community Colleges faculty. In furtherance of the faculty’s agenda, FACCC has also been lauded for its tremendous achievements on behalf of all who work and support the California Community Colleges.

Whether it be a state or federal issue, legislative or regulatory, FACCC is there. The Faculty Association of California Community Colleges remains a leader in such areas as faculty rights, academic freedom, retirement, part-time concerns, professional development, student services, career technical education, among many others. What is most important for the organization is that you become both aware and engaged in the issues of the day.

We are encouraging faculty to sign up for our listserv. This is a tool for faculty to stay informed and ask questions throughout the legislative session.


Legislative and Legal Resources

Advocacy Tools