To inform, educate, empower, and advocate for faculty in service to students and the communities of California.


  • An educational environment that is equitable, accessible, and appropriately funded led by a diverse and empowered faculty.
  • Every faculty a member, every member an advocate, every advocate informed.


  • We value the expertise, experience, and professionalism of all faculty, full-time and part-time, as the primary force for advancing the mission of California Community Colleges.
  • We value students and the significance of the student-faculty relationship and the opportunity to foster mutual growth and success.
  • We value diverse voices, perspectives, and cultures of both students and faculty in the quest for social justice and equity.
  • We value community colleges as a driving force for economic growth, social cohesion, and opportunities for personal advancement for all Californians.
  • We value collegiality and a working environment that recognizes the importance of all organizational and personal voices in serving students.
  • We value the growth and development of all faculty members as professionals in service of their communities, their institutions, and their students.