Governor for Part-Time Faculty South
Desiree Montenegro, Cerritos College

Discipline: Communication Studies 

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Desiree Ann Montenegro is an instructor of Communication Studies at Cerritos College, Long Beach City College, and Palo Verde College. She is also an affiliate faculty member with the California Department of Corrections and the FACCC Governor for Part-Time Faculty South. As the Governor, she has organized a statewide Part-Time Faculty Symposium and collaborated with other higher education organizations to promote the betterment of part-time faculty across the state of California.

With 11 years of experience in teaching, supporting, and advocating for underprivileged, first-generation, and at-risk student and faculty populations, she has worked in multiple colleges and universities in the greater Los Angeles area. Her main goal has always been to make higher education accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or challenges.

Desiree's passion for education has led her to specialize in teaching at-risk and prison-based populations, where she has significantly impacted their lives. She is dedicated to promoting disability awareness in General Education instruction, and has guest lectured at several universities, sharing her knowledge on Disability Awareness Communication and Social Support for Women at Risk, Gender, and effective/strategic communication.

Desiree earned her M.A. in Communication Studies from California State University of Los Angeles, where she also began her teaching journey, working closely with the general education coordinator to provide Disability Awareness Training to adjunct faculty and student teachers while pursuing her graduate degree.

Desiree's meaningful contributions to the U.S. government, first for the Marine Corps and then for the Air Force, are impressive. She specialized in Communication Processes and Public Affairs, providing critical support during organizational change and producing accurate and timely content for national and international distribution. Her work received national recognition, and she was awarded the Wing Staff Civilian of the Quarter for her local accomplishments and the Air Force Civilian Print Journalist of the Year in the United States Air Force Media Contest. She also contributed to receiving the Website in the Air Force award for her department.

As a woman and minority civil servant, Desiree has firsthand experience of at-risk populations' challenges and limitations. She believes in the power of education and effective communication efforts to eliminate these challenges and significantly impact those who need it the most. Her continued work in the college, university, and correctional education systems is a testament to her commitment to facilitating access to education and promoting the betterment of at-risk populations.