Emily Haraldson

Glendale Community College

Meet Emily Haraldson, an accomplished Art History professor at Glendale Community College. Her educational journey led her to earn an M.A. from California State University, Northridge, where her natural teaching talent was recognized by her graduate advisor. This recognition propelled her teaching career, with her first position at Mt. San Antonio College.

Emily is deeply committed to higher education and actively contributes to the community.  Currently, she holds the position of Interim Executive Director at FACCC and is a valuable member of the Legislation & Advocacy Committee. Her leadership extends to her previous role as the Chair of the Communications Committee. Beyond her academic pursuits, Emily finds joy in cooking, baking, and practicing meditation. 

If given the opportunity to dine with a historical figure, Emily would choose the multi-talented Leonardo da Vinci, sharing his extroverted nature and love for entertainment. In an alternate reality, she might have pursued a career as a curator or museum educator, with a dream of teaching a class on Michelangelo's humanity.

Emily's most fulfilling work involves guiding community college students through their academic journeys while helping them navigate life's challenges. She treasures memorable interactions with students, like the heartwarming moment when two sisters visited her office with a cherry pie to celebrate her birthday.

A bit of advice from Emily Haraldson to someone just beginning their career as a community college professor:

"I have a colleague who is starting her career as a community college professor and I recently told her that our students are unique so be flexible. I also told her that we're a little scrappy and that faculty have to have a DIY attitude sometimes when things need to be done."

Among her travels, one place stands out as the most memorable – Assisi, Italy. In this medieval hilltop city, Emily had a profound experience in the tomb of St. Francis, surrounded by history, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking beauty.