Eve-Marie Andrews
College of the Desert

Eve-Marie Andrews, an esteemed member of the Department of Counseling & Advising at the College of the Desert, is a true veteran of higher education. She holds an MS in College Counseling from San Francisco State University, with a notable internship at Stanford University marking her journey to excellence.

Despite her impressive career, this month (October, 2023) marks Eve-Marie's 90th birthday, and she shows no signs of slowing down. Happy Birthday, Eve-Marie! Her unwavering dedication to her students and her passion for her work are truly inspirational.

In a hypothetical world where she could master any skill, Eve-Marie dreams of designing clothes, a testament to her creative spirit and desire for continuous learning. Moreover, her enthusiasm for life extends to tap dancing, a skill she would gladly attempt as a world record.

One of the most surprising lessons she's learned through her time in higher education is the paradox of knowledge: "The more I know, the less I know." When asked about the most memorable place she has traveled to, she shared a remarkable journey that took her to Liberia, Ethiopia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, where she lived outside of the US for nearly fifteen years. Her experiences taught her that some of the happiest people possess only the basics, and all people desire the same fundamental things: security, appreciation, and love.

For aspiring community college professors, Eve-Marie offers a valuable piece of advice:

"Make it very clear to each student that you care about them as individuals." 

Finally, a little fun fact about Eve-Marie: her refrigerator currently houses cream puffs, a charming reminder to enjoy the sweeter things.