Francis Howard 
Laney College, Merritt College, and San José State University

Francis Howardis a dedicated educator with a strong background in higher education. As a former member of the FACCC Legislation & Advocacy Committee and a current member of the FACCC BIPOC Committee, Francis brings a wealth of experience to the field.

With over 20 years of teaching experience at institutions like Laney College, Merritt College, and San José State University, Francis has established a remarkable career. Holding a Ph.D. from Walden University, the journey to higher education was always a dream for Francis, even during a stint in the entertainment industry involving singing, acting, and filmmaking.

One motto that resonates with Francis is "It never hurts to try," reflecting a positive and determined outlook on life. If given the opportunity to time travel, Francis would venture to the year 3500 to catch a glimpse of the future.

When it comes to karaoke, you can count on Francis to belt out "Oh Happy Day" by the Edwin Hawkins Singers, a song with deep personal meaning. If teaching a class on any subject, it would be Academic Research, demonstrating a commitment to scholarly pursuits.

Francis' skills extend to the realm of performance, as a vocalist and actor, making a mark even outside the classroom. In working with community college students, Francis finds their ability to learn under challenging circumstances to be highly rewarding.

If Francis could instantly change one aspect of the California Community Colleges, it would be to promote mentoring relationships among faculty, part-time faculty, staff, and students, emphasizing the significance of mentoring support.

A surprising lesson learned in higher education was the formidable challenge of earning a Ph.D., exceeding initial expectations. Memorable travels include studying and conducting research in Paris during the Ph.D. program and exploring the beauty of the Swiss Alps in Switzerland.

Outside of work, Francis enjoys the simple pleasures of relaxing and reflection. To newcomers in the field of community college teaching, Francis' advice is simple:

Start early in pursuing your career aspirations. 

If given the opportunity to dine with someone from history, it would be President Jimmy Carter, whose town hall meeting at Emory University was a memorable experience. And, if you happen to peek into Francis' refrigerator, you might find a slightly embarrassing item: beer, a reminder that even educators have their quirks and indulgences.