FACCC and MESA Respond to the Governor Signing SB 444

FACCC and MESA CCP are grateful to Governor Newsom for signing SB 444 (Newman) into law. SB 444 codifies MESA CCP into California Education Code, encouraging all community college campuses to establish MESA programs. This legislative victory will provide MESA CCP with stability and security, in order to ensure the program’s ability to alleviate equity and achievement gaps in STEM. 

 FACCC Responds to the 2023-2024 State Budget Agreement

FACCC is appreciative of the resources and funding provided in the state budget to programs that are the heart of our community colleges. Despite economic uncertainty, we are grateful that this budget includes many victories for faculty and students.

 FACCC Responds to Governor Newsom Signing Significant Higher Ed. Legislation

FACCC is grateful to the Governor for signing AB 2315 (Arambula), an important bill that will support transgender students, faculty, and staff at California’s Community Colleges by preventing deadnaming. This bill will require all community colleges to implement a process by which students, faculty, and staff can declare an affirmed name to be used in all contexts where a legal name is not required.

 FACCC Responds to Resignation of Eloy Oakley 

We wish Chancellor Oakley the best in his future endeavors. While we have not always agreed with the Chancellor on certain policy matters, his legacy of bringing equity to the forefront of every community college policy discussion should be celebrated and continued. We wish him all the best in his new position at the College Futures Foundation."

 FACCC Responds to Governor's 2022-23 May Revision

“FACCC is grateful for the Governor’s proposed allocation to California’s Community Colleges. This investment reflects one of the biggest ever per student funding increases for our system. We also appreciate the commitment to part-time faculty healthcare funding and the recognition that our faculty must be supported so they can support their students. Our open-access institutions accept the top one-hundred percent of students. Our colleges and faculty will use these additional resources to better serve students."

 FACCC Responds to Governor's 2022-23 Budget Proposal

 “FACCC is grateful for the proposed funding allocated to community colleges for this upcoming budget year. Community colleges play a critical educational and economic role in our state as we focus on recovering with equity."

FACCC Responds to Governor's Revised 2021-22 Budget Proposal 

“FACCC is grateful for the proposed funding allocated to community colleges for this upcoming budget year. Our community colleges will be better able to plan their upcoming budgets with the paydown of the deferments, CalSTRS payments, and the cost of living increase.

 FACCC Responds to Calbright Audit

“We’re grateful the Legislature recognized the importance of holding Calbright accountable by passing this audit last year. We are unsurprised by the critical findings. Calbright is inherently flawed and no amount of time can fix its inability to effectively serve students."