Kelley Vandecoevering
College of the Desert

Introducing Kelley Vandecoevering, a dedicated history professor with 5-10 years of teaching experience. Kelley holds a dual concentration doctorate from the University of Memphis and lives by the motto, "Learn from the people who lived history rather than those who wrote it."

If she had a time machine, Kelley would zoom back to the WWII Pacific Theatre. Her unique talent lies in her ability to articulate herself on multiple emotional, developmental, and socioeconomic planes.

Outside of academia, Kelley enjoys crocheting, visiting historical sites, and indulging in naps.

She aspires to master cake decorating and photography. As for her fridge, it's packed with an excessive amount of yogurt. 

In her higher education journey, Kelley has learned that the students you least expect often shine the brightest. Currently (fall of 2023), she faces the Canvas challenge of grading 47 discussion posts, but her passion for teaching history keeps her going strong.

Her advice to newcomers in the field?

Set your boundaries about what you are willing to accept and not accept. However, know you will have to be flexible in every other area you have no firm boundaries.

You may have noticed her many four-legged friends. Please take pleasure in meeting: 

  • David the Donkey
  • Two deeply cherished pigs, Baby Ryan and Cpl. Penny. Miss Penny loves to pal around with David the Donkey. 
  • Last, we have "the best cow ever" - Ginger!

These are just a few of the wonderful creatures Kelley gets to spend her time with. We thank you, Kelley, for sharing with us!