Rudy Ramirez
College of San Mateo

 us to introduce Rudy Ramirez, a dedicated educator who has spent over two decades as an Ethnic Studies professor. With an M.A. from San Francisco State University, he is deeply committed to student-centered teaching.

Rudy's journey into higher education was sparked by a fortuitous encounter with a retired teacher who offered a candid glimpse into the teaching profession's realities. 

Despite his extensive experience, Rudy humbly admits that his penmanship on whiteboards is far from perfect, but he excels on paper. Outside the classroom, he envisions himself as a social worker, continuing his mission of helping others.

If given a time machine, Rudy would transport himself to the early 1960s, and when it comes to karaoke, you'll find him singing "Black Magic Woman" with enthusiasm. Beyond his musical talents, he dreams of teaching a class on personal growth, helping students explore their full potential. 

What Rudy finds most rewarding about working with community college students is their youth, resilience, and capacity for growth. He believes in nurturing these malleable minds to help them reach their full potential. If given the power to change one thing in the California Community Colleges, Rudy would provide instructors with better resources to enhance their teaching capabilities.

In a lighthearted twist, Rudy's silliest world record ambition would be to keep people laughing constantly, reflecting his penchant for humor. This aligns well with his favorite motto, "Pura Vida! Life is Good!" 
For aspiring community college professors, Rudy's advice is simple:

Ask for guidance. There is no provision at my college for instructors to ask questions on grading, setting up curriculum, in class instruction, etc.